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Christina Engelbart, Editor-in-Chief and DEI  Executive Director

The Collective IQ Review is brought to you by Christina Engelbart and the Doug Engelbart Institute, along with some fabulous guest contributors. It’s a place to share what we’re thinking about and working on, along with items of interest from the press or fellow bloggers as relates to Collective IQ, Doug Engelbart and the Doug Engelbart Institute.

We blog about business and global issues and the innovation and transformation strategies needed to solve them, covering the technological and the human side of the equation. We also blog directly from Doug Engelbart’s considerable archive collection, including his original papers, notes and lectures to share his thinking, in his own words, as well as human interest stories that come to light through the Engelbart Archive Initiative.

About Collective IQ


Doug Engelbart re: strategic pursuit

What is Collective IQ? According to the late Doug Engelbart, celebrated internet pioneer who coined the term, it’s a measure of how effective people are at addressing complex, urgent challenges collectively. As the rate and scale of challenges we face in the world increase exponentially, we must find exponentially smarter, faster ways of working together to solve important problems. In other words, we must boost our Collective IQ.

DEI_SanFran1968-cropDoug recognized this decades ago and developed a comprehensive strategic framework for pursuing this important goal. His own implementation of this framework in his historic research lab resulted in more breakthrough innovation than probably any lab before or since, and we are still seeing the ripple effect of his seminal work. However, the world has only scratched the surface of potential he envisioned, while the challenges we face today are more complex and urgent than ever. Learn more about his visionary work and the ongoing efforts of the Doug Engelbart Institute and others to advance the state of the art so that together we might reach our potential on a global scale.


Christina and Doug (2009)

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