Farewell to Peter Yim

Over 100 individuals can count themselves alumni of Doug Engelbart’s career, dating clear back to the late 1950s. Fast forward to 1999, the remarkable Peter Yim partnered with Doug to produce a capstone project distilling his life’s work. Titled Doug Engelbart’s Colloquium at Stanford University, An In-Depth Look at “The Unfinished Revolution,” the Colloquium featured a comprehensive treatment of Doug’s strategic vision for the future, embellished by over a dozen distinguished guest speakers representing a breadth of interrelated disciplines and areas of expertise — a monumental feat, and priceless tribute. Doug held tremendous respect, admiration and fondness for Peter as a remarkable human being, a bright, enthusiastic, thoughtful, expansive contributor, colleague, and friend.

Colloquium Website: https://dougengelbart.org/colloquium/

Dates: Winter Quarter, 2000 — Ten three-hour sessions over ten weeks

Peter, who had also been collaborating with Jerome Glenn on the United Nations Millennium Project, enthusiastically educated Doug about that amazing global initiative, and in short order introduced Doug to Jerome. As a sitting Board Member at Santa Clara University’s Center for Science, Technology & Society (STS), Doug excitedly presented the Millennium Project to the Board as an excellent case example of their mission, which led directly to inception of The Tech Awards in partnership with The Tech Museum. That was Peter’s quiet, purposeful magic.

Watch the Colloquium session where Doug proudly introduces Peter Yim co-presenting with Jerome Glen on the United Nations Millennium Project and its implications: (Jerome @1:06:54 | Peter @1:14:06):

Visit the Engelbart Academy at Doug Engelbart Institute website which features Doug’s Detailed Review from the Colloquium final session.

Stanford Libraries Special Collections, which curates the Doug Engelbart Collection at Stanford, recently re-rendered the video capture of the Colloquium, which we are in process of integrating into the course record. Meantime the course website links to the originally published footage.

Check out this photo of Peter at a Doug Engelbart Institute event in 2006 – Doug is seated at the presenter’s right (obscured by presenter), Christina Engelbart (me) on presenter’s left. Also in attendance Jonathan Cheyer, Adam Cheyer, Jack Park, all not shown, and original Engelbart alumns Jeff Rulifson, Harvey Lehtman, and Jake Feinler, …

Peter Yim was born in 1951 in Hong Kong, to David and Margaret Yim. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University, founded CIM Engineering in his thirties focusing on computer technologies, and later in his life made significant contributions to the field of Ontology. Peter Yim was 70 years old. He will be dearly missed.

See also the Millennium Project Tribute to Peter Yim.

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