IT Day Japan 2021: Can IT save the worsening crisis of mankind?

The Doug Engelbart Institute is proud to sponsor the virtual symposium
IT Day Japan 2021: “Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?” – Saturday, December 4, 2021 17:00-19:00 (Pacific Time). I will be there in spirit this year, a digital presence, expect more to come! The others will be live, I’m very much looking forward to their insights and discussion on this far reaching topic! Click here for details.

Update! Watch video digest from the event here! (English subtitles provided)

Adding to my ‘digital presence’, I offer an earlier talk I presented at the 50th Anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s legendary Demo event titled “CHM Live: Solving today’s great problems? Lessons from Engelbart’s Demo @50” at the Computer History Museum [see event site].

My talk titled “Taking the Challenge Forward” is I think very relevant to 2021 IT Day Japan discussion – however I would change my title in answer to tonight’s question: “It’s a Race!”:

Going forward I would love to explore how IT Day Japan might take the challenge I have touched on in my talk, beginning as an exercise or thought experiment to explore how one might structure a networked initiative to pursue such complex pressing questions as “Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?”. Doug Engelbart coined the term Collective IQ as a measure of collective intelligence, or collective effectiveness in pursuing a shared mission. How can IT be leveraged within networked solutions powerful enough to overtake the challenges? How can IT evolve to be more aligned in the solution ecosystem?

Visit The Doug Engelbart Institute website to further explore such a call to action. For more videos like the above see Your Bootstrapping Brilliance Toolkit, and learn from Doug Engelbart himself at the Engelbart Academy.

For more background on IT Day Japan, please see my earlier post IT Day Japan – solving urgent global issues.

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