Doug Engelbart in Hometown Art Exhibit

Doug Engelbart will be among those featured at a unique art exhibit in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, this December and January (2021+). The exhibit showcases Doug’s niece, Oregonian artist Dee Vadnais in the context of land, family, community.

Opening Dec 7, 2021.
“Dee Vadnais: Her Family’s Story in the Oregon Landscape presents the artwork of Deer Island artist, Dee Vadnais, contextualized in the story of her family’s six generations in Oregon and the creative communities inspiring her art.”
See Press Articles: Deer Island artist shows her works at Newberg cultural center; and Heritage art with heart

The ‘Doug piece’ will feature archive photos and brief description of his pioneering work boosting the collective effectiveness of networked communities in pursuit of humanity’s highest potential – expanded on below with more on his profound vision, pioneering firsts, and unfinished revolution – all courtesy of The Doug Engelbart Institute.

Explore the ‘Doug piece’

[ see photo descriptions with links below ]

[ see fun facts and links below ]

Links to fun facts, video footage, and more

Father of: The Mouse | The Mother of All Demos | More Pioneering Firsts

Message for today’s change makers: A Call to Action | Accelerating Change and more at the Engelbart Academy | Bootstrapping the Future

Awards: National Medal of Technology & Innovation | Oregon’s Weatherford Award | More Engelbart Awards

Portal for Explorers: Start at the top for links to Doug Engelbart’s pioneering work – past, present, and future. See also our Library Highlights for ‘roadmap’ to cool stuff.

Photo details with links to explore

Doug Engelbart presenting his research to a smallish group at the lab, 1968. The scope of his research spans a vision for humanity, a strategic approach that scales,  and enabling technology as a vehicle for collective action.
Explore: Vision for Humanity | Design Strategy
Photo courtesy SRI International (where Doug and his team carried out their pioneering research)

Co-worker using the ‘mouse’ interface, 1968. By now the researchers in Doug’s lab were using the system they’d been developing for all aspects of their work – designing, planning, coordinating, system architecture, software development, etc.
Explore: Personal & Interactive | For Knowledge Work
Photo courtesy SRI International

Doug Engelbart leading the first computer-supported meeting 1967.
Explore: Collaborative | For Team Work
Photo courtesy SRI International

Posing with first mouse, 1996. Doug continued to refine his strategic approach to boosting collective intelligence in networked teams and initiatives, with new paradigms for transforming the fast, flexible organization of the future, and the tools that would enable them, in pursuing humanity’s highest potential.
Explore: A Call to Action
Photo courtesy US News & World Report

Doug delivers keynote at the Accelerated Change Conference, 2004.
Explore: Accelerating Change and more at the Engelbart Academy
Image screenshot from video, courtesy the AC2004 Conference

Co-worker gives “mouse” demonstration for visitors at the lab, 1968. By now the lab was receiving several groups of visitors each week.
Explore: The Mouse | Hyperlinked
Photo courtesy SRI International

Doug delivering the Mother of all Demos, December 9, 1968.
Explore: The Mother of All Demos | NLS (the system that was demoed)
Photo courtesy SRI International

1 Comment on Doug Engelbart in Hometown Art Exhibit

  1. Barbara Muller // December 4, 2021 at 6:49 pm // Reply

    That is wonderful, Christina. I think about him often; especially knowing that his thinking was almost always 15 years ahead of everyone else’s. He was at first so excited about the positive possibilities of the internet and other means of interconnectivity – for solving all of humankind’s problems. Then he became worried about the future… He was such a positive force in the world!!!

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