SRI establishes Distinguished Engelbart Fellow Award

We are pleased to announce the all-new Distinguished Engelbart Fellow Award, established by SRI International in honor of the late Douglas C. Engelbart, pioneer of modern computing and long-time SRI researcher, best known for presenting the 1968 “mother of all demos” – the first demonstration of networked personal computing.

The two-year fellowship recognizes “visionaries who are disrupting the traditional way we interact with and view technology” from around the globe.


And we are thrilled to congratulate Genevieve Bell as the world’s inaugural Distinguished Engelbart Fellow! Prof. Bell, recognized for her trailblazing work on technology, artificial intelligence and culture, is a Distinguished Professor at Australia National University.

Learn more:

AI visionary named first Engelbart Distinguished Fellow by SRI International
Australian National University’s Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell recognized

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