Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Demo

Events were held on three continents celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s landmark demo – exploring the past and future of a brilliant legacy and all it inspires! Sunday, December 9th in Silicon Valley and London! Monday, December 10th in Tokyo and throughout Japan! Wednesday, December 12th in Silicon Valley! Join us live or by livestream where available, or watch the video after the fact.

Celebration Central: thedemoat50.org

Check out Events: thedemoat50.org/Events

Plus More Activities: thedemoat50.org/Activities

Press: See News on our celebration website

Social Media: #thedemoat50 threads on | LinkedIn | Facebook

Reporting from the December 9th event in Silicon Valley

A heartfelt appreciation to all who participated in the 12/9 Engelbart Symposium at the Computer History Museum, most spectacularly our fabulous lineup of Presenters, a very special turnout of tech luminaries and thought leaders:


Reporting from the December 12th event in Silicon Valley

Check out this special ‘CHM Live’ evening event held 12/12 at the Computer History Museum — “Solving Today’s Great Problems? Lessons from Engelbart’s Demo @50.” Visit the event site for Program, Event Video, Photos, and more.


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