Announcing a cool new way to experience the 1968 Demo!

I’m thrilled to announce a new way to experience the “Mother of All Demos” in an interactive format that is browsable, skimmable, traversible!

Click here to experience 1968 Demo Interactive

To add to the magic of the experience, note that the video content – Doug Engelbart presenting his vision of the true promise of digital technology for augmenting human intellect, while he and his team demo an early implementation of that, which you are now experiencing via dynamic interactive media that exemplifies the vision he is demonstrating. I love when that happens!

What’s more, standard YouTube playback features are enabled in the play frames, including the ability to set the speed of play, skip around using left and right arrow keys, and right click on the video to copy a YouTube link to that timecode. Table of contents on the page aids navigation, as do purple numbers on the main headings which you can click to jump to, or right-click to copy a link direct (see more About Our Website).

And finally, a new way to find your way back to the Demo resources, or share with others, just remember:

Do let us know what you think via Comments below.

Appreciations: Many thanks to  Bret Victor for  all his help and inspiration making this possible, and for his magical talk  Media for Thinking the Unthinkable; and also to Robert Ochshorn, Maneesh Arawala, Juho Kim, Janel Jihyeon Lee, and the  Video Digest team, along with Bret Victor, for awakening the possibilities for turning archives into dynamic media; and while I’m at it of course to Doug Engelbart, my father, for everything.

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