Vote for the Mouse in first-ever Tech Tournament

Here’s your chance to cast your vote for, say, the Mouse, in the first ever Tech Tournament, “where innovation’s elite compete in a bracket-style competition to determine the most meaningful technological advancement from the past three-quarters of a century.”

Screenshot from SRI's mouse video

See this fabulous video short The Com­pu­ter Mouse: Enabling Personal Computing. Then visit the Mouse entry at the tournament site, where you can cast your vote in three quick steps: (1) register, (2) sign in, and (3) click “Vote for this entry”.

Watch the video to see how the Mouse “put the power of computing in everyone’s hands”

This is just one of many great ways to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s 1968 “Mother of All Demos” coming up this December 9th. For more background on these seminal innovations, and other ways to celebrate, visit the Doug Engelbart Institute.

To browse other tournament entries, visit – if you don’t see the Mouse entry, try Sort by Date or Summary.

This tournament is sponsored by the International Research Institute (IRI). The Mouse entry video was submitted by member SRI International, formerly Stanford Research Institute, where Doug Engelbart invented the Mouse, and more recently where SIRI was born before spinning off into startup.

Voting ends November 15th.

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