Press tributes to Doug Engelbart on his passing

So many wonderful articles, photos and tributes are appearing to mark the passing of Doug Engelbart, a great legend and wonderful man, on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. We will be posting some of the highlights here. For more information about Doug and his life’s work, visit the Doug Engelbart Institute website.

Getty - Doug Engelbart circa 1998
Doug Engelbart circa 1998 [Getty]

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Broadcast News

Inventor Of Computer Mouse Dies; Doug Engelbart Was 88 , NPR

Douglas Engelbart, Father of the Computer Mouse, Dies at Age 88, ABC News

Computer mouse inventor Doug Engelbart dies at 88, BBC News

Computer mouse inventor Douglas Engelbart dead at 88, CBS News

Computer mouse inventor Douglas Engelbart dies, CNN News

Mouse inventor and computing pioneer Douglas Engelbart dies at 88, NBC News

“Print” Periodicals

The Hut Where the Internet Began, The Atlantic Monthly

Remembering Doug Engelbart, PC Magazine

“Print” Dailies

Computer Visionary Who Invented the Mouse, by John Markoff, NY Times

Douglas Engelbart, 88; changed computers with his mouse, by John Markoff, NY Times

Douglas Engelbart, computer visionary and inventor of the mouse, dies at 88, Washington Post

Doug Engelbart, inventor of computer mouse, dies at 88, The Guardian

Douglas Engelbart, Computer Mouse Creator, Visionary, Dies at 88, by Laurence Arnold, Bloomberg Newsroom

Douglas Engelbart dies at age 88; computer visionary, LA Times

Engelbart, inventor of computer mouse, dies at 88, By Michael Liedtke, AP, San Francisco Chronicle

Douglas Engelbart, tech genius and inventor of the mouse, dies at 88, By Mike Cassidy, Mercury News

Doug Engelbart Dead: Inventor Of The Computer Mouse Dies At 88, Huffington Post

Stanford researcher Doug Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, dies, by Brooke Donald, Stanford University

Key Posts

Press Release: SRI Alumnus and World-Renowned Computing Pioneer Douglas Engelbart Passed Away July 2, SRI International Press Release

Remembering Doug Engelbart, TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

Reflections on Douglas Engelbart and His Influence on SRI Today, by Curt Carlson, President & CEO SRI International, author Five Disciplines of Innovation

Remembering Doug Engelbart, by Bracken Darrell, Logitech President & CEO

Learning from Revolutionaries: Doug Engelbart & John Seybold, by Patricia Seybold, Outside Innovation: “Doug’s life work isn’t over. We still need to implement much of his vision…”

Douglas Engelbart’s Unfinished Revolution, by Howard Rheingold for MIT Technology Review, author Tools for Thought

A few words on Doug Engelbart, by Bret Victor

Douglas Engelbart, inventor of computer mouse and so much more, dies at 88, by Cyrus Farivar for Ars Technica

Remembering Doug Engelbart, 30 January 1925 – 2 July 2013, by Greg Lloyd

The ‘Father of the Internet’ Remembers Douglas Engelbart, By Vint Cerf by way of Pete Pachal

Doug Engelbart and the vision thing: Is Silicon Valley suffering from a failure of imagination? by Mathew Ingram, GigaOM

Last week a Great Man, Doug Engelbart, passed away, by Kevin Hughes

People we’ve lost in 2013, CNN (scroll under Icons)

Computing legend Douglas Engelbart dies at 88, by Edward Moyer C|NET

The human side of Doug Engelbart, by Christina Engelbart

See Also

Remembering Doug Engelbart, at The Doug Engelbart Institute

5 Comments on Press tributes to Doug Engelbart on his passing

  1. Mark Murphy // July 4, 2013 at 4:32 pm // Reply

    I worked for Doug at SRI when I was in high school. He was a very gentle, quietly funny guy. I liked him a lot. Those interested in Engelbart, John McCarthy, Stewart Brand and the Menlo Park/counter-culture roots of the personal computer industry should check out John Markoff’s excellent book, “What The Dormouse Said.”


  2. Eric Rickard // July 4, 2013 at 5:04 pm // Reply

    There was only one Doug Engelbart. He was an inspiration to many, an inventor with extraordinary daring and vision. I am delighted to have spent some time with him. May God find favor with you Christina and family.


  3. Hi Everyone
    Why is it that a great man has to die before we’ve heard of him. I am at present writing a biography of my father who in his ordinary way was also a visionary and all his life strove to improve the human condition. he did so through engineering and then computing. I would love to have contact with Christina to find out if they ever met. But right now she is grieving and my condolences to her and her family and all Doug’s colleagues and friends who survive him. I became interested in Doug because of a small article in the Telegraph on Friday which mentioned he invented the mouse but what caught my attention was the mention of radar and using a type of mouse to point at the radar screen using H2S- that fascinated me. I am not even sure that was accurate but my Dad perfected H2S after the war when he was at Bomber Command and worked closely with the Americans. He too observed what was achieved by the collective effort during the war and tried to replicate that in his teams during peacetime. He was an early adopter of computers and understood what they could achieve when harnessed to man’s intellect. This is a link to my website which also links to my blog for anyone who is interested where I refer to Doug Engelbart as an inspiration during my writing journey. Here’s to visionary and far-sighted human beings. Miranda


  4. the website for Miranda’s blog is
    it was omitted from the comment


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