The true promise of Interactive Computing: Leveraging our Collective IQ


What is this promise? In Doug’s mind it was always about humans interacting with each other and with their knowledge in dynamic knowledge ecosystems, facilitated by a suite of interactive tools and processes. This is the gateway to augmenting human intellect, boosting Collective IQ, enhancing human effectiveness, and Bootstrapping Brilliance in business and society.

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On Tour with our Engelbart Scholars


What did these Virginia Commonwealth University undergrads do for Spring Break? They toured with the Doug Engelbart Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined by two professors and an embedded university librarian, for a week of hands on immersion in the Doug Engelbart legacy, including his original source archives at Stanford University, plus special site visits to the Computer History Museum, the Internet Archive, and our

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How Doug Engelbart taught students about how computers think


Around 1960 Doug Engelbart was a young electrical engineer at Stanford Research Institute, invited by several local schools and clubs to come teach them how computers worked. Instead of giving lectures on the topic, he devised a parlor game where the players acted out the basic computer operations. He wrote up a tutorial on how to play the game, and now for the first time in 56 years, you

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Bye Bye Babbage


The Babbage Engine has been one of my personal favs at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View, CA since 2008. If you want to see it there, you have thru Jan 31, 2016, after which it moves home to London, England. The following is reproduced from CHM News, a newsletter of the Computer History Museum. Last Call for Babbage Difference Engine No. 2 After eight

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